Switch Board  

We  design and manufacture MCC , PCC and PDB s of various size and ratings for a wide range of

customers and applications. The key element our LT switchboards are as follows

  • We manufacture boards on compartmentalized and non-compartmentalized forms. We follow

    base plate wiring philosophy, making it a fast delivery process. We optimize space utilization in

    our switchboards thereby ensuring smaller footprint for our panels without compromising vital

    performance criterion eg. Heat dissipation and minimum space required for safety factor.

  • All our incoming material are inspected as per quality policy.

  • All sub-assemblies are tested for any discrepancy in wiring.

  • We have standardized our design based on best practices followed by Industry leaders eg.


  • Our panels are type tested and certified by CPRI for short circuit withstand capability of 65 KA

    for 10 seconds.

  • Our Panels are type tested for IP-54 design.

  • We source our sheet metal for panel fabrication from reputed brands eg. TATA Steel, SAIL  etc.

    and our Bus bars from leading manufacturers eg.  HINDALCO.

  • We provide commissioning engineering services to our customers for all panels supplied by us.


Power Factor Correction :


We offer Power Factor correction solution to our customers. This includes review of electrical load at

customer end , Power Distribution and Electricity bills. Based on customer budget we offer both

Automatic and Manual Power Factor correction solution.  We manufacture Capacitor Panel of required

KVAR at our factory. We offer free commissioning services for our panels.


Bus Bar Trunking :


Incotech has a proven track record in delivering complex Bus Bar Trunking between Transformer and

switchboard and also between switchboards in many customer locations. We have in house design

and fabrication team who deliver a single window solution for Bus Trunking , including installation.

HT Panel


We design and manufacture HT Isolator and Starter Panel  for customized applications. We have

delivered Starter Panels to reputed customer  eg. Hindustan Paper.

Battery Charger :


Incotech has designed and delivered complete Battery Charger system of various voltage grade  and

configuration to its’ customers over the years. This is again a complete solution delivered from one


Relay Metering Panel :


Incotech has created its’ own niche in designing , manufacturing and delivering Relay Metering  Panel 

for various applications. We understand client requirement in operating the plant         , the existing

and proposed Power Generation and distribution scheme in the plant and also the required

protection for individual equipment ie. Generator , Transformer etc. We carry out the design ,

selection of relays and protection  levels and manufacture the panels as per design in a minimum lead

time for production. 

We carry out commissioning of the system and testing of relays at site.


Generator Synchronizing System :


Incotech has designed, manufactured and commissioned the Generator Synchronizing system at

many plants with Captive Generation facility. This includes two or more parallel Turbo – Generator

application and two or more DG parallel application. We have designed the system with black start DG

/ turbo-generator operation as well as systems which import power from the grid before start up.

PLC / Automation System :


Incotech by virtue of being a leading solution provider of GE Intelligent Platform and having delivered

complete Automation system to various large PSU and Private/ corporate customers in India for

various types of plant applications, are in a position to understand the exact customer need. We do

FEED  engineering to identify design inputs to the automation system. We have standardized wiring

drawing meeting global standards. We use state of the art manufacturing practices , including generation of ferrules , stickers and tags directly from wiring drawings thereby reducing margin of

error and improving significantly on the manufacturing time.

Soft Starter / VVVF Panel :

We design , manufacture, install and commission stand alone or MCC mounted Soft starter / VVVF 

panels.   We are vendor neutral on brand selection. We have in house expertise in understanding

complex drive applications , carrying out proper selection of drive model  and circuit design.  We carry

out configuration of the modules at our factory and do the commissioning at site