1. 11KV Vacuum Circuit Breaker - As Integrated Solution Provider for L&T ( Schneider ) we assemble and supply VCB Panels based on L&Ts proven design. We have supplied such panels to Coal India, Airports Authority, IOCL, Software Technology Park of India
  2. HT Isolator Panel - We supply custom designed Indoor and Outdoor HT Isolator Panels
  3. 3.3KV & 6.6KV Motor Starter Panel – We have manufactured and supplied HT Motor Starter panels especially for Intake Pump Application, Crusher Application using Vacuum Contactor and Motor Protection Relay.
  4. HT APFC Panel - We manufacture fixed type and Auto-Manual Power Factor correction Panel in standalone mode or attached to VCB Panels / Starter Panel
  5. LT Bus Bar Trunking – We manufacture Air Insulated Bus Bar Trunking upto 6300 Amps for both Outdoor / Indoor Application and install the same along with necessary Accessories & Supports at site after doing all necessary modification
  6. Power Control Centre – We Manufacture PCC panels upto 6300 A, 65 KA Rating ( Type Tested). We supply such Panels custom designed , with built in electro-mechanical-electronic interlocking facility for multiple source and operating conditions. We understand these panels are heart of the Power Distribution system. Our panels provide load shedding schemes and IOT enabled sensors for remote condition monitoring of Bus Bar Temperature, Breaker Fault conditions etc.
  7. Motor Control Centre – We manufacture Draw out and Non Draw out type Motor Control Centre, Single & Double Front. We manufacture SMART MCCs. We manufacture MCC Panels of various Form Factors – Compartmentalized and Non Compartmentalized. We manufacture MCC panels specially designed for Outdoor Applications.
  8. OEM Panels – We manufacture custom designed panels for various Original Equipment Manufacturers which are compact, rugged, unique, having Power distribution, Control functions, PLC, VVVFD, remote operation and sensors fitted into the same skid. Some of the typical Panels are movable type, IP 65 rated operating under Heat, Dust and Moisture for Mining and Material Handling Application.
  9. Control Desk – We manufacture Control Desks made of Powder Coated CRCA sheet or SS with various configuration based on the application - Simplex / Duplex Control Desk with Dynamic / Static MIMIC , Annunciators, Meters etc. We Manufacture Control Desks with Walk Through internal structure
  10. Thyristor Panel – We manufacture Thyristor operated Furnace Control Panels
  11. VVVFD & VVVFD Panel – We are an ISP ( Integrated Solution Provider ) of L&T (Schneider) for VVVFD product range. We design , assemble, , commission completion solution involving VVVFD product for various application including Compressor, Blower / Fan, Pumps, Wire Rod Mill, Crane, HVAC, Conveyor, Elevator etc.
  12. Soft Starter Panel – We manufacture HT and LT Soft Starter Panel with / without bypass arrangement. We are an ISP of L&T ( Schneider ) for Soft starters
  13. Control & Relay Panel – We manufacture Control & Relay Panels for Generator Protection, Transformer Protection , Feeder Protection. We also manufacture Net Metering panels for On grid Solar Powered systems. We do complete design, selection, testing and commissioning of the C&R panels
  14. Generator Synchronization System – We manufacture synchronization panels for DG applications with multiple DG and grid synchronization. We manufacture Grid synchronization panels for Mini Hydel power Plants. We have delivered an unique remote SCADA operated grid synchronized DG Synchronization panel.
  15. Feeder Pillar – We manufacture Outdoor and Indoor Feeder Pillars with IP 65 design and Frangible panel structure for special application.
  16. Street Lighting Panel – We manufacture Smart Street control panel with energy saving, monitoring , remote operation and Daylight sensing provision
  17. PLC Panel – We manufacture various range of PLC panels , DCS Panels & RTU panels based on location ie. Outdoor / Indoor, mounting ie. Free standing, Wall mounted, skid mounted, Form Factors, with force cooling, natural Draft and fitted with Panel AC. We manufacture PLC panels for CPU & I/O panel, Remote I/O panel, Marshalling Panel, Interposing Relay Panel, Hybrid Panel etc.
  18. Instruments and Instrument Panel – We manufacture Instrument Panels for SWAS ( Steam and Water Quality Analysis ) applications, Gas Analyzer Panels, Water quality Analysis panel with multiple sampling lines - Auto / Manual operated , Auto Calibration feature, with pressurized , purging facility.